Welcome to New Life Partners. We are sorry for your need to be here, but thankful God has led you to our home. This intro packet has been created to help NLP run as smoothly as possible and to be a safe place for you to rest, ask questions, share, cry, laugh, and ultimately heal. Please read it through entirely. We pray you will feel God's hand in yours as you travel through this journey.

NOTE: We strongly suggest you print this out to have on hand as needed.


We have a very strict confidentiality policy. We want NLP to be a very safe and secure place for women to share. Confidentiality means that anything that is shared within NLP should be considered strictly private. That is, it stays within NLP, and is not quoted or shared with anyone outside the group without the individual's explicit consent. [Note: See Mandatory Reporting below.]

Due to our desire to protect the anonymity of the ladies in NLP, the Board of NLP does not endorse the use of social networking tools. Should individuals choose to share their names, phone numbers, or other information with individuals in NLP, that is a personal choice and they may do so privately, and not to the entire group.

We also require that your email address be secure. Either with a password and/or with a separate account, we require that no one but you have access to your email. If you need help accomplishing this, please email us at for assistance.

Should individuals choose to share their names, phone numbers, or other information with individuals in NLP, that is a personal choice and they may do so privately; we strongly suggest you do not share this information with the entire group - there is a possibility that someone leaves open their email or their page and that information can then become 'public.'

If a violation occurs, the NLP Board will review the situation and take appropriate measures to ensure the privacy of NLP members is maintained. In some cases, this could mean immediate removal from the group.



The possible exception to our confidentiality policy is Mandatory Reporting. Please be aware that some of our members are "mandatory reporters." That often applies to those in professions like teaching, medicine, and counseling, for example. This means that if you reveal specific activity that involves a minor - that could be physical abuse or sexual exploitation, including child pornography -- or if potential imminent danger to yourself or another person is suggested, these ladies will be required to report what they know to law enforcement officials.

So, if someone you know is involved in illegal activities, we ask that you consider carefully your own moral responsibility for reporting as well as how much you choose to reveal to the group.


Leadership within NLP is comprised of two parts:

The Board of Trustees: Susie, BarbaraJo, Kim B, Leigh, Sandy and Teresa.

Volunteers: Ladies who willingly serve the Lord in varying capacities within NLP. This is an ever expanding and changing group of people. The current roster of volunteers and department leaders is posted in Files in under NLP Business.


We request that no member send a notice of solicitation to NLP. This means if you are in business for yourself or work for a company, we request that you refrain from advertising or seeking new clientele through NLP even if you think that NLP women can benefit from the service or product available from yourself or said company. Additionally, we ask that our members not solicit from other members assistance in books, magazine articles, poetry, music, or artwork created by said member resulting in personal profit. NLP was not set up to a resource for acquiring business.


Due to the many complaints we've received regarding the overwhelming amount of mail, we have come up with a few helpful hints and guidelines. Please adhere to these to the best of your ability!

1) It is NOT expected that you will read or respond to each and every post. We are all at different places and want/need different information.

2) PLEASE INCLUDE A SUBJECT IN YOUR POST. A woman can look at the topic and decide if it is a post she feels would be helpful or not, and can then read or delete the post. This also helps in deleting all responses to a post if that original post didn't apply to her.

3) PLEASE CHANGE THE SUBJECT WHEN YOU CHANGE THE TOPIC. If the topic changes but the subject line doesn't, many women may be missing out on something they may find beneficial.

4) PLEASE SEND ALL SHORT POSTS TO THE INDIVIDUAL. All one/two line posts, such as "Congrats, I agree, Amen, Keep it up, Praying for you,' etc. should go to the individual, not the group. We know this takes a little more time and effort, but doing so will greatly help our mail load. Approximately 1/5 of all posts fall into this category. We all forget once in awhile, and that's not a big deal. But on a regular basis, it really adds up. [Moderators may go through archives from time to time to delete some of these short posts that are a week or more old.]

NOTE: Within Groups.IO, hitting Reply is the same as hitting Reply All. Your response will go to the entire group unless you take "newlifepartners" out of the TO box and put in the individual's address. [In, this is pretty easy - there is an option at the bottom of each message to Reply to Sender!]

5) Because of the nature of our group and the confidentiality aspect, please DO NOT place our group's email address ( on an mail that you are sending to anyone else other than our group.

6) DO NOT FORWARD ANYTHING from this group unless you have the specific permission from the author to do so. In anything you do forward, please make sure to remove our group name and address and any other identifying information.

7) Please NO SPAM type of mail. You know the ones that have a zillion addresses on them or the ones that say "please sign this and send it to everyone you know."

8) Please add an identifier, e.g., an initial or part of your email address, when signing your post since we have so many ladies with the same names. For example, Barb M, Michelle B, Jessica(curli), Michele (mmhugs), etc.

9) NLP has a policy of no obscene, vulgar, or questionable language.

10) NLP has a number of departments. A list of departments can be found under NLP Business in the Files section of our Groups.IO site. Please direct departmental questions to the person overseeing that area or to if you aren't sure.

11) Please do not include the original post, or large portions of the original post, when responding. If you do not know how to quote/cut and paste, please send an email to our team ( and we will be happy to help you. [Moderators may go through posts from time to time to delete some of the more lengthy attachments. When we do that, you will receive a notice (automatic) that a post was edited, but it does not go to the whole group. Our intention is not to embarrass anyone, just to keep the digests and archives easier to use!]

12) NLP, through Groups.IO, offers 3 main options for you to choose from to read your mail.

a. Individual Emails - All individual posts sent to your address.

b. Daily Digest- A daily email that is a collection of about 12 posts sent to your email address. There are 3 choices here - full featured (includes the full messages), Plain text (includes the whole messages but in plain text), or Daily summary (includes only the subject lines)

c. Special Notices - You won't get our regular email and have to read posts from the Groups.IO site but you will receive any email notices that a moderator specifies as "special." Special Notices are usually sent only once or twice a year but we do need to know that we can reach you.


Please read and participate. We want NLP to be a healthy, Godly environment.

NLP will not tolerate ex-wife or "other woman" negative comments. You are of course granted your own thoughts and feelings but comments such as witch, whore, etc. are not acceptable.

In general, please do not include graphic detail of the activities or behaviors of your spouses. Simply keeping your statements to affairs, porn, masturbation, cybersex, phone sex or other general titles is enough. As many of us have learned that we don't need specific details of our husbands' "activities," neither does this group need them.

If you must include something in a post that could be construed as “graphic” (e.g. on occasion members have questions about specific acts) please including “WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT” in the subject line so that readers are prepared and can skip the post if they are feeling vulnerable.

Furthermore, no husband bashing (or men in general bashing) will be tolerated. This goes for in-laws as well. We understand your anger and your need to vent. However, derogatory comments or name-calling are not necessary.

Also we will not allow criticism or condemnation of any sister or church denomination. In any and all situations we are to carefully and prayerfully read and write our posts. We come from a vast range of church denominations and to finger point at any one of them is not acceptable. We are here to help each other and not tear each other down.

Our enemy satan would like nothing more than for us to turn into a bunch of catty wives spewing our bitterness and poison out and spreading it amongst all of us like a cancer. You will of course still be able to share your hurts, angers, fears, and confusion with us. However, we want your focus to be on you and not your spouse.

We do not give advice; we suggest by telling how we solved similar problems through our experiences. We are here to help ourselves and others by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other, not by telling them what they "must" do.

Please be in prayer for your sisters in the group and for the leadership of NLP that they will have wisdom and lean on the Lord and receive His guidance and direction for the group.


This is the NLP official website. Here you will find more information about who we are. By linking to the "About NLP" and "What Now" pages you will find our main foundational points for this group. Our list of recommended books is on the "Recommended Reading" page. On the "Online Resources" page is an guide of sites where you can gather various information on many topics and perhaps find local support.

[Note: Our Members Only section is being removed since all of that information has now been moved to our Groups.IO Files. That site is also secure, available only to NLP members, and it won't require you to keep track of another login and password - just your own email!]


This is our listserver, which simply put, means they receive our posts and then distribute them to every member of the group. This site is considered secure. In other words, no one outside of our membership can access the Groups site (unless an individual has been careless about confidentiality). Within this site we have a Photos section that contains pictures of many of us. You are also encouraged to explore the Files we have posted on the Groups site - there are lots of articles covering many different topics, as well as information about the group, leadership and other options (like the Locations List and the library).

Membership to NLP does not automatically make you a member of GroupsIO. That is entirely optional. If you need assistance setting up the account, or have any other questions, you can email the registration team at ( [Please do NOT go to the Groups.IO site and ask to join our group again - you are already an NLP member! You can, however, click the green banner that says "Login if you are already a member." When it asks for a password just click "don't have one yet" and follow the instructions to set it up.]

In addition to our general NLP Group, we also have a “Book and Bible Study” group: If you want to participate in any of our studies, you will have to join that subgroup - it's easy, just email! We have been running 4-8 week group studies – some books, some Bible, some videos – around 4 times a year. You can participate as much or as little as you want to.

ATSL - along the same line
B/C - because
BF - boy friend
BFF - best friend, forever!
BRB - be right back
BTW - by the way
DD - dear daughter
DH - dear husband, darn husband, darling husband - depending on the day
DS - dear son
F2f - face to face
FITB - Fill in the blank
FOO - Family of Origin
FWIW - for what it’s worth
FYA - For Your Amusement
FYI - For Your Information
GF - girl friend
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
IA – Intimacy Anorexia
IDK - I don’t know
IME - In My Experience
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion
IOW - in other words
IRL - in real life
KWIM - know what I mean?
LOL - laughing out loud
M - masturbation
MIL - Mother in law (also SIL, BIL, etc)
OTOH - on the other hand
OW - other woman
P - pornography
PPL - People
RL - real life
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
SA - Sexual Addiction
SAHM - stay at home mom
SO - Significant Other
TTYL - talk to you later
TWYCU&LTR - take what you can use & leave the rest
TY, TX or THX - thank you
UOK - Are You OK?
WB - Welcome Back
YSIC - your sister in Christ
YW - you’re welcome

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